Thursday, December 2, 2010

TGI Friday!

... yes, thank God, it's finally here. 3:18pm Friday afternoon and the end of the working week is so close, yet so far. 42min to sweat it out (literally, as the office cooling system is absolutely rubbish) before I can hop on my bike and ride off into the sunset. A horse would probably be more fitting, but for now I'll saddle up my triple butted chromolly steel framed Malvern Star and attempt to squeeze out a few more drops of last night's drinking binge from my pores.

The word about the office today has been "scumbag".

Noun: A contemptible or objectionable person.
... in the world of construction this term is generally used affectionately when in reference to a trades person, and more often than not, a plumber. It's amazing how productively one manages to exercise talents of insubordination when in a workplace of totalitarian rule. The shared office space I inhibit is often rife with explosive displays of creativity and laughter. Idiosyncrasies of our 'respected' superiors are thrown into unlikely social scenarios and arrogance and ignorance exaggerated for the relief of daily monotony and distraction from any form of productivity.
The number for today is "too many".
Here's an equation for you; two consecutive nights of overconsumption of beer - a normal night sleep or two + a humid, sweaty, uncomfortable working environment = a disgruntled and unproductive employee (refer to word for the day).
...15min and counting. Make it stop. Actually no, speed it up a little. What the hell is the clock doing???? There must be something wrong with it. Seemingly it's not moving. Aaaaarrrrrrrgh!!!!
Signing off 3:48pm. 12min to go. HELP ME!

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