Thursday, December 9, 2010

Just one of them days…

Subtle as a sledgehammer – This ironic, amusing quotation is made reference to someone who acts without finesse

Normally I wake to the sound of an annoying alarm tone that I have on my phone. If I hear that same tone during the day it makes me feel ill. I assimilate it to the kind of treatment served in Stanley Cubrick’s Clockwork Orange. My minds negative association to actually having to wake up and come back to reality from my Neverland experiences is astounding! This morning’s wake up call would have welcomed my alarm tone.

The house next door to mine has been a work in progress now since the week we moved in. Some things take time, granted, but two years to build a thirty square home is a little excessive. Most of the construction has been undertaken on weekends and public holidays which has been annoying enough, but at least most of the noise has been kept to a minimum until at least 9:00am.

This morning was just the perfect icing on the annoying cake. 6:30am, twenty minutes until my next dose of soul bashing alarm, I was woken to the sound of a sledgehammer thumping on the side wall of the house. It wasn’t just one or two love taps, it turned into at least forty five minutes of solid weapon wielding. Usually I’m a pretty tolerant guy and quite reserved and reasonable when someone is a little inconsiderate, but 6:30am!!! Two years and they can’t wait another couple of hours before they go disturbing the neighborhood. Needless to say I kitted up in my most imposing attire (lycra) and had a little chat with our noisy neighbor before heading to work. I used a little tool of my own to get my point across, I like to call it sarcasm. I’m sure my complaints fell upon deaf ears. I should’ve noted down his registration number so I could track him down. I’d see his sledgehammer and raise him a jack, his 6:30am and aim for 4:00am. What a coq!

While I’m on a rantpage; also ranking on the coq-o-meter…

·         The chap that decided to flick a cigarette butt out of his stationary vehicle at the instant I rode past. You’re a scumbag (refer to previous blog)
·         Professor Scumbaggy who won’t answer my calls so I can repair the internet connection to the office. Forget the fact that we’re not receiveing any business related emails of potential importance, what the hell am I supposed to do now??? My job???
·         King Nothing (see prior post) also gets a mention for his ignorance with the whole internet connection scenario. Listening to a 10min monologue on how he’s gone about trying to fix the problem led to clarification that he has absolutely no idea what he’s doing with computers. A secondary failure on his behalf is that if he let me drive the server for five minutes rather than maintaining his elitist status as “the managing director who ever doubts the ability and integrity of his “scumbag” minions”, I inevitably would have the problem rectified without paying an IT consultant.

Tomorrow the sun will rise, then it’ll set, all the time in between beings roaming the earth will make life harder for one another in the hope of becoming the alpha male.

…well, until next time, ta ta    

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