Tuesday, October 26, 2010

King Nothing

It's not every day that you hear something that's absolutely absurd. I guess that would only be if you were a "normal" person in a "normal" world. Fortunately I live on a planet where the completely ridiculous is more so "normal".

The day began as normal, answering the first phone call of the day wearing little more than a pair of lycra shorts, some amber shades and a circus-like shirt. Yep, "normal".

As things do, they happened, and one thing led to another. Things then spun out of control and the seemingly "normal" day plunged to a status that can only be described as a crisis. The managing director's pen ink had mysteriously been changed from blue to red!.... "Stop the tape!"....  

Needless to say tampering with the managing director's pen would bring the world as we know it to an end. Oh the humanity! According to the other managing director, such a heinous act of in-subordination and disrespect is a crime punishable by none other than termination on the spot. Clearly not  an overreaction by any measure. 

I think that perhaps the point of hilarity in the whole pen scenario is that the phenomenon remains inexplicable. None of the accused were responsible and the earth still spins upon it's axis as it did before the mysterious change in colour of the pen ink. There may be a little red pen on a document somewhere, but life goes on without consequence.