Monday, August 23, 2010


QUOTE OF THE DAY: **Well laden church with the sombre mood of a funeral proceeding. Dialogue audible to the extent of no longer being a private conversation ** "You see that little guy... Down syndrome. I work with people like that. Isn't he gorgeous?!"

OUTTAKES: Allow me to once again set the scene... The modern day funeral, generally free of pomp & ceremony, aims to accommodate those of all beliefs, probably due to the fact that friendship is not religious. With that in mind the display of the day maintained the traditional undertaking of a catholic mass in it's entire glory.

The priest stands... the second priest stands... the brother stands. Main priest raises his open hands to the heavens and waits for a response... A group of five promptly rise to the cue. Many turn to see what commotion has unfolded aft. Awkwardly pockets of people with an air of uncertainty rise to attention. Most remain seated hoping nobody will notice.

The Lord is my shepherd... unless no one else is following... Time for Vatican III???

APPLICATION: To apply, or not to apply??? That is the question. There is indeed more than one way to arrive at a dream. I find the best way is to remain still in a quiet, dark room with the warmth of bedding and the comfort of a good mattress. This is what I determine to be the "easy way". The next easiest way is to prostitute my personality and talent, or be it lack there of, to a television program.

Masterchef 2011...

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